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Client Evaluation
Client Evaluation
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1 - The attorney was well informed on the subject matter.
2 - The attorney provided a thorough evaluation of my case.
3 - The attorney resolved key issues in a timely matter.
4 - The attorney managed the matter effectively.
5 - The attorney consistently maintained a high quality work product.
6. I was immediately advised of all substantive developments in the case.
1 - The attorney was available and easily accessible.
2 - The attorney delivered work product in a timely matter.
3 - The attorney returned all telephone phone calls and emails promptly.
4. The attorney met my expectations for communications and professionalism.
1 - The attorney provided cost effective legal services.
2 - The attorney worked with me to manage my legal budget.
3 - The attorney responded to my billing inquiries promptly.
4 - The Firm's bills were timely and easy to understand.
1 - The attorney was helpful to me beyond the specifics of this case.
2 - Overall, I would rate the Firm’s services very highly.
3 - I would use the Firm’s services again.
What do you wish the attorney would have done differently, if anything?
Please include any additional comments or suggestions here.
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