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The Law Office of Barbara Thornell Ginn ("BTG Law") is a law firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose practice is almost exclusively dedicated to assisting growing families through the adoption process. It is my commitment as an attorney to provide legal services for adoptive parents with integrity and honesty. I am focused on providing high-quality service to my clients at an affordable price. I have a heart for family unification, and I have been honored to see so many amazing families joined together!
Adoption Success Story #2: 3 weeks old
I love speaking with families in every phase of their adoption journey! Each situation is as unique as the individuals involved. You may be contemplating an open adoption or closed adoption; a public agency, private agency or an independent adoption; an innerstate domestic adoption, an interstate domestic adoption or an international adoption; an infant, toddler, preschooler, tween or teen adoption; a child in your legal custody; a step-parent adoption or an adult adoption. Alternatively, you may be interested in providing foster care or adopting through a foster-to-adopt plan. ... Or, you may not have been aware that there were so many different types of adoption!
Regardless of your preference, it is imperative that your adoption plan be specific to your situation and your comfort level. Because of that, I recommend you consult an attorney very early into your adoption journey to clearly express your specific adoption desires so that the attorney can help explain the various types of adoption to you and assist you in making an INFORMED decision.
If you are located in the State of Ohio and you are considering growing your family through adoption, please contact the Cincinnati Law Office of Barbara Thornell Ginn at or by clicking on the "Contact Us" page from this website. I would love to help you grow your forever family!
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